NAB signs five-year multi-cloud deal with Microsoft

National Australia Bank has signed a five-year deal with Microsoft to co-design, develop and invest in the bank's multi-cloud strategy, porting 1000 of its 2600 apps to Azure as the primary cloud.

Advances in Energy Efficiency Through Cloud and Machine Learning

0:26 – Introduction
1:05 – Main Speaker – Urs Hölzle
46:23 – Audience Questions

Today, the IT Industry accounts for about 2 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, comparable to the footprint of air travel. Will IT emission eclipse air travel one day soon? Urs Hölzle thinks the clear answer is “no”: he says IT energy will decrease, and perhaps decrease significantly, over the next decade. Find out why. Hölzle is Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure & Google Fellow and oversees the design and operation of the servers, networks, and data centers that power Google’s services, as well as the development of the software infrastructure used by Google’s applications. Recorded on 10/20/2017. Series: “Institute for Energy Efficiency” [3/2018] [Show ID: 33271]

Microsoft at NAB: Azure Storage Overview

Adam Skewgar, M &E Director for Microsoft, presents in the Cloudian booth at the NAB SHOW in Las Vegas, April 2019.

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NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365 – The differences

An overview of the differences between NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365. We will cover what is included in each, requirements of each and what types of businesses can best use the different offerings. We will discuss Microsoft’s future plans for each product and why they are providing the two different platforms.
Presented by Alan Wyne, Business Analyst, Innovia Consulting

Dizplai and the latest from their Cloud Display Platform at NAB 2022

At NAB 2022 we hear the latest news from Dizplai – formerly known as who are a cloud data-display platform and professional services team, supporting content creators with the tools to drive engagement, increase reach and enhance monetization opportunities across any channel.

Working with broadcasters, producers, brands, and event organisers to deliver an interactive experience from anywhere in the world. Simply managed from a web browser, Dizplai accesses live data feeds – including sports stats, weather, and betting data – and enables producers to capture, interact with and build content from social, messaging services and interactive apps. We create ideas, strategy, and world-class graphics, including interactive elements, to increase reach and tune-in, connect the audience, and create personalized environments for branding, sponsorship and data capture.

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