Card firms will apply new code identifying purchases at US firearm stores

Visa, Mastercard and American Express say they will implement a new merchant category code for American gun merchants, meaning firearm store transactions are identified.

World’s Rarest Firearm Action Twists Open — Rotary Round Action

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ATF Agents Going Door To Door Looking For Your Guns!

ATF Agents are going door to door looking for what you legally purchased and own ��

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ID To Buy a Gun? What Identification Documents Are Required to Purchase a Firearm

What ID is needed to buy a gun? What government-issued documents qualify as a substitute to the National Instant Criminal Background Check (“NICS”) background check? What about a passport? What about vehicle registration? What about a water bill? The Armed Attorneys break down what constitutes sufficient ID for an FFL to transfer a firearm.

States that issue a handgun license or permit that may qualify as a substitute to a background check:

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Today we’re talking about what id qualifies for purposes of purchasing a firearm the general rule when it comes to what id qualifies to to you know facilitate a purchase yeah what that ffl dealer is going to need are these pieces of information they’re going to need your name associated with a photograph so they can verify that you are who you say you are we’re also going to need your address and your date of birth right but not all pieces of identification contain all three of those qualifiers right and so what we see is that we need these government issued ids that and some things meet all these requirements like a state-issued driver’s license that has all of that information on it every state’s driver’s license qualifies as an identifying document for you know purchasing a gun essentially but what happens whenever and i think this is coming up because so many people are moving across the country or you know maybe their driver’s license hasn’t been renewed it’s expired and they don’t have you know an unexpired government issued id what comes up is do could i fulfill this requirement some other way yeah and you know what’s interesting is you can you can do it with a combination of government issued documents that give you all of those things name photo address and date of birth so that might be i mean gosh it might be your handgun license right exactly right but it could be your passport which has your name photo date of birth but not your address and so you could put your passport with let’s say your property tax bill yeah right government-issued document exactly um you know it could be that um you know gosh i mean you could bring in your water bill you could bring in vehicle registration vehicle registration right so long as you can make this combination um social security cards are kind of the exception to this because it really doesn’t provide any information that really identifies you other than this is your name right yeah there’s no photograph associated with it but having that combination of documents and why that that address comes up is because that establish establishes residency for purposes of the gun store figuring out hey can i legally sell to this person that’s why that information is so important and then i think an important note to bring up here too is our military folks they may have two states of residence and that brings us to our attorney pro tip of the day about what handgun licenses and permits qualify as a substitute to the background check and it’s not all of them no it is not all um these are listed on the atf website i’m going to let you know what they are now but i want you to know ahead of time that many states issue several different kinds of handgun license and permits not all permits that come from these states we’re going to tell you about qualify as a bypass for that nick’s background check so check out the link to the atf website in the description if you have questions and that is going to give you all the details you need here is that list it is Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Georgia Hawaii Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Michigan Montana Nebraska Nevada North Carolina North Dakota Ohio South Carolina South Dakota Texas Utah West Virginia And Wyoming and yes again it has to be re-emphasized because some of these states issue multiple types of licenses and if your state does that then your license or permit may not qualify so make sure to check out those kind of extra qualifications by visiting the atf website

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Anti-Gun Group Pressuring Major Credit Cards to Flag Gun & Ammo Purchases

Giffords Flag Credit Card

The anti-gun lobby wants the major credit card companies to flag you buying ammunition and firearms, which we have a constitutional right to do.

Giffords tweeted:

The shooters in at least 5 mass shootings have stockpiled guns & ammo using credit cards and killed 145 people. @Visa, @Mastercard, @americanexpress have the power to flag suspicious purchases and save lives. Call on them to act.

They then point to propaganda from guns down America that states:

“[They] have urged the financial industry to prevent bad actors from abusing the banking system to obtain large quantities of firearms and ammunition and using the firepower they purchase on bank credit to take innocent lives. These killers often follow known patterns of suspicious behavior:

Wait till you hear what they consider so-called patterns of suspicious behavior are.

“In 2012, the shooter who killed 12 people in Aurora, CO charged $9,000 on credit cards to purchase guns, ammunition, and body armor in just 2 months.”

Now they want to penalize you and consider you suspicious just because you buy what they believe to be a large amount of ammunition.

I can easily go to a range session and go through a thousand rounds without blinking, but to them, anything more than five rounds is too much ammunition.

Guns are expensive! They aren’t cheap.

I can easily go to a store right now and drop four grand on a firearm, then put an optic on that gun; that gun will quickly skyrocket to 10 grand.

If I buy a rifle with an optic on it in one purchase and then buy a few hundred rounds of ammo, and now all of a sudden I’m put into a special category by my financial institute that does what exactly?

Stops me from making the purchase?

They’re trying to prevent people from buying guns and ammunition because they consider the mere fact of doing it suspicious.

What is the standard for how much am I allowed to spend on a firearm and ammunition?


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